Murderer of Jason Kemp Still Free

Jason Kemp, 31, as murdered on the night of July 20th in the home of his common-law wife by a Colorado State Trooper.  This is the story this far, its seems that Kemp and some friends had spent a fun day in the sun riding their watercraft and having a few drinks.  On the way home their watercraft fell off its trailer onto a neighbor’s yard.  “…the men were apologetic, one of them saying, “The accelerator got stuck,” while promising to return and fix his lawn…”.  They then went home.  The State Troopers arrived at the scene and a 5 minute confrontation ensued.  The Troopers pounded and or kicked on the door, “They said they were police officers, open the door, with a few expletives in there,” Olson said.  Olson is Kemp’s friend and was inside of the house during the murder.  Kemp as a smart American should, demanded a warrant, defending his 4th amendment rights.  The troopers continued kicking at the door, “they shattered a long section of the doorway’s frame, according to the neighbor, and one of the troopers grabbed the shattered wood and shoved it in the doorway, preventing the man inside from shutting the door completely”.  This is when both a the neighbor witness, as well as Olson, saw the Trooper spray pepper spray into the house blinding Kemp and affecting Olson.  The trooper finally kicked in the door and fired once hitting Kemp in the chest and killing him.  By all accounts, Kemp was unarmed, and blinded, before being murdered.  Some witnesses have described noticing that the Trooper that murdered Kemp seemed distraught and even performed CPR.  The Trooper should feel distraught, this trooper murdered a man in his home, and have cut down his hopes and dreams.  Even though the murderer seems to regret their actions, they should still be held accountable, and jailed.  If any civilian ever “accidentally” murders an unarmed person and then feels bad about it, they still end up in jail, and this trooper should be held to the same standards.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

“Jason’s family and friends have suffered a great loss due to a Colorado State Trooper tragically taking Jason’s young life. Jason was a long-time Grand Junction resident who graduated from Mesa State College in Spring 2002 with an Associate of Applied Science in Technology Integration. He was a hard worker who was laid off from Patterson-UTI as a Derrick Man. He was also a student pilot who enjoyed being in the air.  Jason will be remembered as an easy going, fun loving guy with a great sense of humor. He was a loving, loyal son and a caring brother who has helped support family members when the need arose. Jason was a “beautiful person” who had a “contagious laugh that lit up the room with his smile” and “was like a brother” to many people, as reported by his friends. He was also great with kids and had a gentle spirit.”

GJ Sentinel

GJ Sentinel

GJ Sentinel

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