Updates on the Horrendous Murder of Marvin Louis Booker

“Get the taser, Get the Taser,” were the words that echoed through the walls of the Denver City jail just prior to the murder of Marvin Booker.

Mr. Booker had been arrested in the early morning of July 9th on drug paraphernalia charges.   According to the Denver Post, two separate witnesses recall the brutal incident vividly.   According to their statements, Mr. Booker was sleeping in his chair when he was called to the desk.  He got up without putting on his shoes.  A female deputy told him to sit down.  Mr. Booker replied that he’d rather stand.  The deputy told him she would put place him in a holding cell, to which Booker responded that that’d be fine, Lemme go get my shoes.  The deputy then grabbed Booker, who brushed her off.

Witnesses then say that Booker was swarmed by deputies and thrown on the floor.  At least four deputies were involved.  According to the Denver Post, Christopher Maten and John Yedo recall, the deputy grabbed Booker by the arm and put a lock on him, Yedo said. Booker, who was 5 feet 5 and weighed 175 pounds, pushed her away. At that point, four other deputies wrestled Booker to the concrete floor. They slid down two steps to the floor in the sitting area. Yedo said the deputies each grabbed a limb while he struggled.

” ‘Get the Taser. Get the Taser,’ ” Yedo quoted one of the deputies as saying.

Yedo said he was only about 3 feet away, and Maten said he was close enough that if he stood and took one step, he could reach out and touch one of the deputies.

None of the deputies involved in the restraint has been identified. One female deputy was treated at a hospital for an injury she suffered in the confrontation, Gale said.  A fifth deputy put Booker in a headlock just as the female deputy began shocking him with a Taser with encouragement from one of the deputies, who kept repeating, “Probe his —,” Maten said. He could hear the Taser crackle repeatedly.  Booker said, “‘I can’t breath . . .,” Yedo heard. Then, Booker went limp.  Booker’s wrists were handcuffed behind his back in an awkward position when the deputies picked him up, each holding an arm or a leg, and carried him stomach-down to a holding cell with an unbreakable glass door.   They set him down on his stomach, with much of his weight on one shoulder and his legs bent, Yedo said. They took the handcuffs off and without checking his pulse, the officers left him on the floor of the holding cell.   The deputies walked away high-fiving and laughing, Maten said. Several inmates were saying, ” ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this,’ ” Maten said.  Yedo said he stared at Booker, watching his chest, which wasn’t moving. One deputy had stayed next to the cell and was also staring at Booker.  “I told the guy, ‘Hey, that guy is not breathing,’ ” Yedo said.  The deputy turned and yelled at the sergeant.   “Sergeant, come here. Sergeant, hurry,’ ” Yedo said he yelled.

Within months of the opening of this $300 million Jail an innocent man is dead.  Not only was he heinously murdered, the murder’s celebrated their actions.  There is a guarantee that the murder was video taped since it occurred in the processing area.  Our deepest condolences to the Booker family and hopefully some justice can be brought.  These murdering, cowardice, motherless punks deserve the worst.  More information as it comes and thanks to the Denver Post for reporting the story so well.

Denver Post article

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