Man Murdered in New Jail

On Friday July 9th at 1 am, Marvin Louis Booker was brought into the new Denver jail on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, by 4:33 am he was pronounced dead.    Marvin Booker was a 56 year old man who was 5 foot 5 inches and weighed 175 lbs, a “a small, passive man”.  All that has been released as of yet is that there was an “incident” in the intake room in which a female sheriff’s officer was injured and that resulted in the murder of Marvin Booker.   “It’s kind of suspicious. I believe they probably beat him to death,” said George Booker, Marvin Booker’s cousin. “There have been a lot of incidents where the police brutalized people and then lied about it. They need to assign some kind of special prosecutor.”  George Booker has contacted the jail but has stated that, “They’re being awful hush-hush right now,” and he has not gotten any additional information.  Who knows what narratives are being created in an attempt to justify this murder.

The Denver Police Department and the District Attorney are starting an investigation into the murder of Marvin Booker, and since that Denver Sheriff’s Department is not officially involved in the investigation that is supposed to make it unbiased.  They are all just parts of the same system with the same interests and we are really supposed to trust cops and the DA to get the truth and make it public?  Why not a special prosecutor as recommended by George Booker, who without ties to the system that killed his cousin could probably come up true answers to the many questions surrounding this tragedy.

The $159 million Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center is supposed to be a new “safe, humane and secure environment”.  If it is so secure why did officers feel the need to use “excessive force” or whatever the hell they did to kill this 56 year old man? Opening only in April, it is not on a good track to show that it is safe or humane for anyone being forced into it.  But as anyone who has been through the system knows, the last words used to describe any prison are “safe and humane”.  Prisons are tortuous archaic institutions that do little to actually help solve problems at the root of “crimes” or to help “rehabilitate”.

Marvin Booker was turning his life around, planning to become a minister like his father.  He volunteered at local churches to help the poor and his life along with all of his hopes and aspirations were cut short by the Denver Sheriff’s Department’s violent ways.  Our condolences go out to his family and we can hope that his murderer will be caught and punished.

Denver Post

Denver Post


  1. Marvin was a friend of many here in Memphis. He attended St Patrick Catholic Church in downtown Memphis. During his time in Memphis, he had begun getting his life together- he volunteered at the church serving meals to the homeless; he wrote a book about Martin Luther King; and he recited King’s “I have a dream” speech at nearby Beale St, and the National Civil Rights Museum. Marvin will be missed.

    I do sincerely hope the facts of his death are uncovered.

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