DPD Criminalizes Moms’ and Their Breast Milk

On Monday Denver City Council approved a 175k settlement for Amy Shroff.  On February 23rd 2010 Ms. Shroff had driven to the District 3 Police Station to drop off her baby for a supervised visitation with the babies Daddy.  Ms. Shroff had a restraining order against Mr. Kruse who cornered Amy with his truck in the Cop Shop parking lot.  Amy proceeded to go into the station to contact law enforcement that Kruse had violated the restraining order.  The jackass officer, Frank Spellman, instead arrested Ms. Shroff even though the restraining order clearly labeled Shroff as the protected party and Kruse the restrained party.

What then occurred is so egregious that anyone who has a mother should be ashamed of punks ass Spellman.  Ms. Shroff requested to pump some breast milk for her daughter so that the infant would be okay while she was in custody.  Ms. Shroff made clear that her baby was allergic to formula.  Spellman replied, “”She better start liking formula real quick.”  Eventually they did allow her to pump, however only under the supervision of some creepy ass po-lice officers.

Ms. Shroff should never have had to go through any of this ordeal.  This case demonstrates several telling factors about the Denver PD.  Firstly, they are fucking retarded and don’t even know how to read a restraining order.  Second, don’t trust them to help you because it can land your ass in jail.  Thirdly, If your a mother, you can expect both harassment, intimidation, and creepy fucking antics that borderline sexual harassment.

Congrats on the suit and word up to Attorneys David Lane and Qusair Mohamedbhai for suing these bastards constantly.

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