Victim of CSPD Shooting Identified

27 year old Gregory Taylor Burns was the victim of the CSPD shooting last Friday.  “Greg was born and lived in Colorado Springs. Greg was a skilled cook. He was fun-loving and playful. He wanted and succeeded in making people feel better. Greg is survived by a daughter and a son. He was a wonderful father who loved his children dearly.”  So it took a few days and more information was finally released, but there are still many questions around this murder.  The po-lice allege that they attempted to contact Mr. Burns and he fled on foot and at the conclusion of the chase he “pointed a gun at officers”.

Why did it take so long for this information to be released?  It would seem that if this would have been information immediately released in order to justify the use of deadly force.  Now we do not know exactly what happened, and probably never will, and this is further muddled by that fact that police routinely do anything, yes including illegal things, to cover each others’ asses.  As anyone who has been through the U.S. Injustice system knows, pigs lie.  There is still a pending investigation and the Officer that killed Greg has yet to be named, however it seems that narrative has already been constructed and the outcomes decided.

Greg did have a troubled past, but that does not justify his death in anyway.  He was a convicted felon who had recently lost his job due to his past.  It is hard enough for anyone to find a job in this depression, let alone a felon.  Greg’s life and untimely death brings up questions not only about the po-lice, but also about our so called justice system itself.  How are people supposed to be able to come back and live a normal life in society when they are stigmatized for life and lose the right to vote?  How does locking people up and dehumanizing them help them in anyway?  How can we trust a system that is increasingly privatized to actually attempt to help people when it is in their best interest, as well as their stock holders, to have repeat offenders?

It is criminal the way the system and the Colorado Springs Po-lice treated Greg, and we can hope for justice, yet we all know from that past that there is rarely justice when a pig murders a civilian.  Our hearts go out to and we send our deepest condolences to Greg’s family and friends.

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  1. Daddy I miss you very much said my son in his prayers last night. He’ll never forget his dad pushing him on the swings or feeding him applesauce.

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