Fuck the Fort Collins PD, Right on Tim Masters

The name Tim Masters is known throughout Colorado, however what few people realize is that the horrors Mr. Masters’ endured are a result of a piece of shit police department and District Attorney’s office, whose crimes are so egregious that if there was true justice in this country Lt. Jim Broderick and Judges Gilmore and Blair would be shunned from their professions and communities, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and as Masters’ attorney David Lane states, “hopefully get the same justice that was denied Tim Masters.”  Masters, through the powerhouse Denver based law firm Killmer, Lane, & Newman LLP, have settled suits with both the city of Fort Collins and Larimer County, totaling 10 million dollars.  Good fucking riddance, however clearly money can not replace the severe damage inflicted on Mr. Masters by these power abusing bastards.

In 1987 a thirty-seven year old Peggy Hettrick’s sexually mutilated body was found in a field next to fifteen year old Masters’ trailer.  What then ensued was such a shit storm that in 1999, twelve years after the sexual homicide occurred, Masters was convicted to first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.  Lt. Jim Broderick and the County Prosecutors, Blair and Gilmore, conspired to convict Masters on fabricated, falsified, and counterfeit evidence, while at the same time failing to disclose exculpatory evidence that would prove that Mr. Masters had nothing to do with the murder.

Tim Masters only true crime was that he was a poor kid growing up in a city and country that doesn’t give two shits about those who ain’t got.  You think Masters would have had to endure this had he lived in a McMansion.  No, in fact the most probable suspect, Richard Hammond, who committed suicide after it was discovered that he had been video tapping his wife, daughter, and other females vagina’s through a hidden camera he installed in his house did reside in a McMansion right next to where her body was discovered.  Hammond was an eye surgeon and experts believe that precision cutting was required in extracting the  labia and nipple of Ms. Hettrick , skills which Hammond clearly had and Masters clearly did not.  Upon discovering the voyeuristic and despicable habits of Hammond, the Fort Collins PD and Larimer County DA office destroyed an entire storage units worth of video tapes and pornographic material that may have contained the very footage of Ms. Hettrick’s murder.

I realize that this case differs from what West Denver CopWatch usually reports on, however the violations that Mr. Masters has endured by the hands of the Fort Collins Police Department and Larimer County District Attorney’s office are so horrific that they belong in the annals of police criminal history.  Usually brutal police just beat the shit out of people, which obviously is terrible in and of itself, however in this case they went out of their way to ruin a person’s life to the point that he had to serve ten years in the DOC.  Congratulations to Mr. Masters on his settlement.  Fuck the Fort Collins PD, you don’t need their apologies, they are scum.

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