C. Springs Finest Murders Innocent Man

Friday night a man was shot to death by the CSPD.  DA Kathleen Walsh said no details will be provided till at least Monday, and we will post those when we learn about them.  However what is known so far sounds real fucking sketchy.  The po-lice were investigating a “crime” (not specific yet) when a man at the scene quickly left.  At least two po-lice chased him into the Greentree apartment complex.  The man was banging on an apartment door and he was shot to death, with two of the three bullets entering the apartment, one hitting a mattress.  The couple who lived in that apartment were home and had their door knocked down and were not allowed back into their apartment until much later that night.  They had no connection to the victim of this murder by the state.   “It started with a commotion, like someone was fighting, and then someone said, “Please stop, no,” before three gunshots sounded”.  Now who do you think was saying “Please stop, no” the pigs or the victim of their crime?  The man was fleeing and thus didn’t seem to be making a stand or threatening the officers since he was pounding on the door trying to escape confrontation with the most heavily armed gang.  Sounds like he was unarmed as well, though I am sure the po-lice can say that a cell phone or something common to be on a person was “perceived” to be a weapon. Check out this old post for your own predictions of the piss poor excuses the pigs will likely make.  This man being murdered is a crime in itself, but the fact that the bullets entered these people’s home while they were there, another innocent person could have died by this reckless behavior that needs to be punished.  Now we hate the prison industrial complex, but this pig should be locked up and never allowed to touch a firearm again, let alone be a “defender of the peace”.

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