Pigs Need Money to Get Dressed

Apparently the D Town po po are having difficulties putting on their clothes and they want something done about it. According to the Denver Post, the pigs in our fine city have filed a lawsuit, which includes “a dispute over whether they should be paid for the time it takes to dress for work.” As if our paying for po po to get dressed isn’t enough, they “also want compensation for the time spent cleaning and maintaining uniforms and equipment.” You would think that such a ridiculous suit would be laughed out of any respectable judge’s courtroom, but not so, the trial will proceed in federal court.

Now, I don’t know bout yall, but I sure as shit have never been paid to put on my work clothes, (or any other clothes for that matter) and I damn sure have never been paid to do my laundry. I also know that I have no desire for my hard earned money to go towards compensating these gangstas to put their fucking clothes on.

It gets even better though, because the Denver pigs already won a lawsuit in 2007. The Denver Post reports that pigs “receive a lump sum to maintain uniforms and equipment.” How much do they already get to do their laundry? $700. Yep, that’s right, $700 a year so they can wash your blood off their shirts and they want more. Aint that some shit. We’ll keep you up.

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