Stupidest Pig In Colorado Faces Criminal Charges

It turns out that Deputy John Ortega, who holds the ultra competitive title of stupidest pig in Colorado, faces criminal charges of child abuse in connection with taseing 34 kids during a job fair in Lake County.  Ortega is so gotdamn stupid that he was out maneuvered by students.  Now, I don’t want to take away from the brilliance of the youth, however as an adult, especially an authoritative adult, Ortega should have been able to use some common-fucking-sense and tell the kids that tasing them is probably not a good idea.

Apparently if convicted he could earn himself up to 27 years in prison.  Now, we at West Denver Copwatch are appalled by the prison system and advocate for the abolition of this form of modern day slavery, but one does have to admit that whenever a police officer is sent to the cage it is not only hilarious it is also poetic justice in an unjust society.  We will continue to keep you posted.

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