Shocking, Pigs are drunks

According the Denver Post the ineffectual Office of Independent Monitor (OIM) has found that an officer who remains nameless has violated a pledge to refrain from drinking. Richard Rosenthal of the OIM claims that the officer in question consumes 13 drinks a day. Apparently, this specific drunk ass pig has been having domestic issues which are embarrassing for the department so they had him give a vow of sobriety and shockingly he has broken the vow. Shit, if a citizen drinks on the job we get fired, if police do, they take a vow. Interestingly, as the Denver Post article points out, Rosenthal for the first time in five years feels that the Internal Affairs investigation regarding this matter was insufficient. Funny how he’s okay with hundreds of complaints of brutality, but a drunk just doesn’t go down right for this moral entrepreneur.

This officer is clearly not the only popo that has a drinking issue, or hell maybe its the same pig.    Remember the state patrolman David Dolan that got booked on DUI charges in the end of March. For more info on Dolan click here:

There are very serious issues at hand. We all know that alcohol can lead to violence particularly with people, like the police, that are already prone to violence. It is scary to think about a drunk pig running around our streets strapped to the gill. Furthermore, there is a long history of armed state apparatuses using alcohol as a crutch for committing horrific acts of genocide and brutality. Remember Sand Creek. Most of those pieces of shit murders were drunk on whiskey.

Be safe out there people. Its bad enough to have crazy ass popo running around, but drunk ones too, lord have mercy.

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