Lake County Child Tasing Deputy Resigns

The Denver Post is reporting that Lake County Sherriff’s Deputy John Ortega has resigned after taseing 30 kids during a jobs fair in Leadville.  Now this is so goddamn ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin.  My main concern is if there are going to be criminal charges brought against this piece of shit.  Also if this gutless fool has the moxie to tase kids at their school who else has he brutalized?

As of recent we have heard several stories about both the Lake County Sherriff’s Department and the Leadville Police Department.  Both have had several claims regarding brutality issues.  There has also been an ongoing feud between the Sherriff’s department and the Fire Department, hilarious; ones gotta love the infighting amongst the state.  All the hilarity aside, apparently, the small mountain town of Leadville is not immune to the brutality of the police.

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  1. Hi there: I first reported the Deputy resignation on my blog, Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer, and have done more coverage on the various cases there than anyone.

    Here’s the latest link, and it links back to all of the other articles.

    What we’re waiting for now, is for the vacation taking, campaigining for State Senate, infamous Kobe Bryant DA to press charges against this moron for incidents that occurered on April 8.

    Please link to my posts instead of cop covering up DP. We bloggers are always ahead of them. I spoke to the sheriff personally, and he told me Ortega resignedAPril 20.

    When the HECK is Ortega going to be prosecuted.

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