Gang Unit Added to Database!

The pig gang unit in Denver is a very critical branch of the po-department. The department claims to have 41 armed officers that not only brutalize persons of color, but subjugate and harass our youth on a daily basis, claiming that evidence of ‘gang activity’ gives them the right to do so; when in fact children are simply being profiled as teenagers and people of color. As these pigs claim that they are minimizing “the influence of ‘criminal’ street gangs”, through the “Identification of Gang Grafitti”, they continue to terrorize our communities and youth, as members of one of the largest gangs in the world: THE POLICE!

-Originally formed in 1988 as a ‘tactical motorcycle unit’, this gang in blue eventually evolved into Denver’s very own gang unit, with officers also trained in crowd control and crowd management at large scale events and protests (IE: the Democratic National Convention in 2008). The picture above is of a t-shirt distributed by the Denver police union which reads: “We get up early to BEAT the crowds, 2008 DNC”, with a menacing looking pig on the front, baton in hand, ready to beat protesters. This is indicative of the gang unit’s mentality (who focus on crowd control as well as ‘gang’ activity) as well as pigs in general, as it signifies their disturbingly violent demeanor and their gang-like ruthlessness as an oppressive satelite in our communities.

Check Out the Gang Bureau Pigs Here!

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  1. So I saw some asshole in one of the above T-shirts at Wash Park a couple weekends ago. He smiled and posed while I took his picture with my cell phone — I was actually gonna send it to y’all — but then he told me he was actually a firefighter and didn’t get to bust any heads. More’s the pity.

  2. Oh look, rote left-wing propaganda. Pass the hostile attributional bias.

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