Police Arrest Stabbing Victims Cousin, Despite Evidence of Innocence

Northglenn Police have arrested 20 year old Jose Nunez for allegedly attacking his own cousin and roommate, 18 year old Juan Rodriguez. The arrest was made just hours after the discovery of Juan Rodriguez in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Northglenn; although the family of both the victim and alleged assailant have contended that there is no way Jose Nunez could have committed such a crime.

Christopher Drury, Juan Rodriguez’s stepfather, told Fox 31 news that, “They [Jose Nunez and Juan Rodriguez] grew up together. They love each other. They’d never harm each other. I want police to get their facts straight.” And that the “the two young men were jumped and stabbed by a group of five to six white males.”

Drury explained to the police that this must have been a case of mistaken identity, since Jose is more ‘light skinned’, but the Northglenn pigs claim that  they are “confident” that they “have the right guy.” Although Drury believes that this was a case of mistaken identity because of his ‘light skin’, could it be that it is the other way around? Nah, a person of color has never been falsely accused of murder. Although Northglenn Pigs are still “canvassing the area around the crime scene looking for witnesses,” they reassure the community that the right person has been arrested and that another person of color has been locked up, despite the obvious lack of evidence.

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