30 Year Old Matthew Herrera Murdered by Weld County Police

On the morning of January 28th, Weld County Police Officers shot and killed 30 year old Matthew Herrera in Platteville, Colorado (about 40 miles north of Denver). According to the victims girlfriend Crystal Eggleston, 2 Weld County Police Officers surrounded his vehicle after a short chase. Eggleston claims that “He was stopped and the car was off. And he looked up at her and said, ‘It will be OK,’ and the officer just started shooting at him as he was walking up to the car, just started shooting.”  The officers fired at least 11 rounds (according to Channel 7 News) into the unarmed suspects vehicle. According to his father Gilbert, Herrera was hit at least 6 times in the barrage of bullets.

 In an interview with 9 News after the incident, Eggleston told reporters, “They murdered him, they took the love of my life. I told them (the officers) he didn’t have a gun.”

His father, Gilbert Herrera simply asked, “Why was he shot so many times? There are so many questions. Why couldn’t they have shot his tires out? They took my son from me. It’s not right. We’ll get to the bottom of what happened.”

This act of brutal violence on yet another unarmed civilian, is indicative of the situations in all of our communities. The police don’t have a right to murder our partners, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters in cold blood. Right now these pigs are on a PAID leave of absence, they must be held accountable for their violent actions or else we face the same threat that we always face; of this happening over and over again in our own neighborhoods. The Herrera’s need our help and support! Keep checking for more information on what you can do and always be aware of your own rights so that we can attempt to prevent this cycle of blatant murders, committed by police on innocent civilians, from continuing.

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  1. How was Matt Herrera attempting to charge the police officer with his car when the vehicle was boxed in between two trailers? Doesnt make sense.

  2. I dont get why the officer just started shooting. Wat did Matthew do to have hes life tooken away from him? Why didnt the officer question Matther before shooting? i truely think that the officer should be let go.

  3. I just want to thank everyone who has been following this case. It has been very hard for all of us who loved my Matt. This past March 9th would have been 14 years I had with my love. I still love him more each day. Forever yours baby Crystal.

  4. I dident realy know my dad but i have meet him a couple times i wish we would of got 2 know each other . Love u dad . I loved matthew every time he would walk in2 the room he brought joy always made me laugh we miss
    u dearly . U will forever be in our hearts and never forgotten love u always and for

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